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MG is a British automotive marque founded by Cecil Kimber in the 1920s, and M.G. Car Company Limited was the British sports car manufacturer that made the marque famous. Best known for its open two-seater sports cars, MG also produced saloons and coupés, with engines up to three liters in size and 3.5L in the case of the MGB GT V8

From the beginning, MG, the British car brand, accumulated numbers of silverware representing countless successes, including speed record maker, the best-selling sports car, and the best sports car brand in the world.

MG legendary models like Old Number One, 14/28, K3 Magnetta, TC, MGA, Midget, GT V8, MGF constantly regenerate MG’s unique character, which is ‘Passion Drives’. MG has, therefore, been, over several decades, regarded as the cars which are engineered with pure passion for speed, and freedom on the road.

One of the unique character of MG, that no one could ever match is typically British dynamism. This ‘Brit Dynamic’ is reflected by every single element of the Brand MG. That includes, engineering features, driving behaviour, interior-exterior styling, as well as the soul of MGs. Those who are behind MG steering wheels, can always feel that uniqueness. 

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We are the preferred destination for Altigreen vehicles in the accessible markets, thanks to our domain expertise, 15+ years in the automobile industry, and an ardent talent pool of seasoned automotive Professionals. Currently we have 3 full-fledged showrooms and service centers in Pune, Thane and Surat.

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